Mosh Purchase

I just purchased the Mosh album Monarchy on Bandcamp. It was the first time I did a "name-your-price" for a CD, but I have bought the albums of Aziz Ansari and Louis CK for $5. I paid a bit more for this album though - it's an interesting business model, but I like it.
It is a clear change in how the music market is being set up. The music and movie/TV industry needs change and it is already happening. With Netflix, Redbox, Hulu, and Amazon Prime (among others) being used a lot more in US, the competition is fierce to get new shows and movies online. Russia has a, and though I have never used it, it seems to be doing well.
Anyway, I was just putting this post up to re-present Mosh's music, which you can listen to on his Soundcloud and Bandcamp sites. Check them out.


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