Музыка это мой наркотик

So I'm coming up to my 100th post, so here's a reminder.

Music is My Drug

I am still listening to these Let's Be Friends non-stop, but here are some other kinds of music.

The rough sounds which are sometimes considered amateur, but have good sound potential is the theme here for me. I just like to think back on punk and how it changes from a rough sound to a more "elegant" one as more people appreciated the style. Some people like to get back to the roots though
ら Bluz by Semiao Bernardo of Faro, Portugal
An experimental song:

Perhaps not my favourite kind of sound, especially since you cannot hear the vocals at all, here's an Irish self described Metalcore band:
"Take To The Streets" by Follow My Lead

"Time Gone End" - The (Snuff)alufaFUNK (Live at S.W.E.T.- 11/9/2012)


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