Low Quality Sound

I'm a 720p Youtube guy. If it has 720 or up I'll switch it, even if the sound quality does not improve the slightest (image quality is what is supposed to improve but often sound does also). One should never listen to music too loud or in bad quality (respect what.cd).

El Ten Eleven - "My Only Swerving"

"Flat Beat" - Mr. Oizo feat. Flat Eric

LAZYBATUSU - "Martini moment"

Music Lessons:

"Can someone please explain what dubstep, as a musical genre, is? From what I've seen it's generally dance music but with a coda where the tempo slows and the sounds goes WUBWUBWUBwubWUB and then shifts back to normal timing. Am I missing something?" Answer


Robotto said...

Mr Oizo is the best!!

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