My buddy Ottó has another couple of artworks up, check them out:
Ottó - szabootto -bűvész

A friend of mine in Scotland was stuck in her apartment whilst some hooligans were outside waving knives and drinking jack. So anyway, some people like to stab other people. Some people also like to steal stuff from your car. So here's a little do-it-yourself project from lifehacker you could do to prevent it:
DIY Fake Recycling Box Makes Your Car Less Susceptible to Break-Ins
source: Wisebread

A band I discovered via is SUUNS. Here is one music video by them. Entrancing and simple with a lot of strange sounds. Check it and it's followed by another music video by them.
"Pie IX" by SUUNS

"Up Past The Nursery" by SUUNS

I like their lyrics that are hard to understand.


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