So it's been a while; Thermodynamics has been keeping away from this. Just need to remember the second law - "You can't feed shit into the rear of a horse and get hay out the front."

Well I have been listening to a lot or radio recently, but to quote Kleinodyssee, "Super Mario World tunes sind besser als 97% der Songs im Radio." Luckily, I found AFK M94.5 (München radio), which can have some killer tracks. Yet, like all radio and all music libraries, there are also bad songs. Still, check them out and see what you like. They play a large variety of stuff that changes throughout the day. Right now they are playing The Cure, not a fan. There are just certain hours (trying to figure them out myself) when it is just amazing - mostly techno.

When I was younger people used to do this a lot; in college, well some people still do it, but they are not a sophisticated as when we were youngins. I never took part in the craze, but here's a nice little video:

"Up Down Snap" by The Death Set

A good friend of mine who has some musical overlap with me (he likes rap a lot more, but love intelligent rap, if you know what I mean*) stumbled upon this song. I had been listening to Flux Pavilion and own some of his mixtapes sets, but hadn't come across this one. Make sure you have a good system or headphones before attempting:

Flux Pavilion - "Lines In Wax" (ft. Foreign Beggars)

(EDIT: Removed from Youtube and changed link)

A lot more music to come, but going to make a mixtape sometime soon. I will upload it to a private mixing site, but will also post it up here.

* poetic rap is my favourite form of rap


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