Sculptures - Ottó

My good friend from Hungary who I met in München is a talented sculpture artist. He recently put up a 2,5 meter modern sculpture of a fairy in front of a venue/pub called Fairy Factory (or Tündérgyár - Tündér meaning fairy and gyár meaning factory). It is an impressive sculpture and you can see pictures of it on his sculpture blog ( ). Without a doubt, once I get some money I am going to buy a couple of his sculptures. Here's a little preview.

Fairymother with creator.

The great thing is he uses thrown on pieces of rubbish and turns them into great artworks.

bevásárlókocsi azoknak akik szeretik a kihívást - "Shopping cart for those who like a challenge"

A kis piros bicikli - "the little red bike"

He also introduced me to Pálinka, a Hungarian brandy.

God guy, check out his stuff.


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