You look shit, all alone ... I could be the dog to your Bone

An on-topic and well done song about Wikileaks and because of that politics, secrecy, etc. etc. I was under the impression that this was done by the same group who did the Double Rainbow song as well as the one with Antoine Dodson since they often do political ones also, but it is not. It's by a different group that does not use Auto-Tune:
Rap News 6 - "Wikileaks' Cablegate"

From 1992, this band called Leningrad Cowboys from Finland has some interesting and funny songs. Many of them are covers, like the one below. Though I think they overdo it with the hair. Another one of the their songs is "What is Love"
Leningrad Cowboys - "These Boots"

Time for a download. Hot Pink Delorean has another mix out, but this one is from the Spring. Listen to it on Soundcloud where he has many more of his things (link below).
Hot Pink Delorean Spring 2010 mix
Preview: Hot Pink Delorean Spring 2010 Mix
Straight to download
To all his tracks and mixes: Hot Pink Delorean on Soundcloud

Wikipedia: Wikileaks and Music Theory
Visuals - not for epileptics, other than that follow instructions.

And today the Don't Ask, Don't Tell Act was repealed, so in 60 days gays and lesbians can official announce their orientation. Thought this video is kind of appropriate.
The Oners - "The Night Is On The Go"

The title of this post comes from Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - "Household Goods"


esponjose said...

Offtopic (or not...): did you see this Scissor Sister's video? It was made by Canadá, the same production company that did "Bombay" for El Guincho. It's quite similar maybe, but really cool anyway.

(I feel like my English is broken today, everything I wrote sounds weird WTF.)

Robotto said...

menő video! menő :D

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