Music Filled December V

Music Filled December continues
"Imma try not to look like water... I was meant to be your lover, but for now I just st-st-stutter."

In my last post, my friend Jose pointed out that I liked the music video Bombay by El Guincho. I would therefore like this video directed by the same people (Canadá) but this time for Scissor Sisters. He was right. It's called "Invisible Light" and is in similar fashion as Bombay, though in my opinion, slightly less weird. I would like to point out that Jose has good taste.

Scissors Sisters - "Invisible Light"

I saw this song on a blog accompanied by a different video, but I cannot remember where. I like this song, so you might as well listen to it.

David Banner - "Stutter (Feat. 9th Wonder & Anthony Hamilton)"

Well if you haven't been paying attention to Ireland's music abilities in the past couple of years, you'll see among a list of artists, Dustin the Turkey and the Rubberbandits. Irish people, known for their often crude and delicious humuor, have the most wins in the Eurovision contest and are known as a culture of music and singing/dancing. This year the Rubberbandits with their song Horse Outside - below - nearly took the number one spot for Christmas single. They were beat by some wanker (image of people who care)... anyway, they are from Limerick and are known for their comedy show on the Republic of Telly as well as radio shows. Here is their video:

Rubberbandits - "Horse Outside"

Other Irish artists:
Sinéad O'Connor, The Dubliners, The Pogues, Dustin the Turkey, Afro-Celt Sound System, Thin Lizzy, The Cranberries, Enya, etc. I'm sure Wikipedia has compiled a list somewhere. Or listen to's Irish music tags like #Celtic music or simply #Irish.


esponjose said...

Woo, I'm in this post! :D

I come with another video, this one wasn't made by Canadá but the style is similar (I guess we'll get tired soon of this, but for now let's enjoy them). It's a band from Chile called Dënver, hope you like them!

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