Music Filled December III and Cyriak

Hope your December is going well. I have final exams this week, so I probably won't post anything, or much till next week.

Know Cyriak? Well he's artist - animation mostly - and also a musician. His odd animations and trance-like music is a good combination.

Cyriak - "cows & cows & cows"
Genre: electro

Cyriak - "Cycles"

Higa - "Shed a Tear"
Genre: comedy, soul

An amazing song, but NSFMW - female nudity (oh my!)
Video: Suicide Girls/▲ - "Radeo Suicide & Sash"
Song: Radiohead - "Nude"
Genre: alternative rock, experimental

Although this blog is NSFMW (sexual organ) this one really isn't so... Also, this is not really music, though there is a good song:
"dirty womb"
Genre: pop, comedy, art


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