The tallest mountain and beyond

So I climbed the tallest mountain in Germany called the Zugspitze with two of my good friends, Meatro and Michal. We took three days to climb four mountains and the entirety of Zugspitze (2,962 metres) we did on the final day. I had injured my leg a couple of weeks before and thought it was gone, but apparently not. I slowed them down a bit because of this, but like good friends, didn't complain.

Below this text are some photographs that I took and some that Michal took/I using his camera, since mine is shit and is dying. The first day was terrible weather - not good for cameras. All Panoramas and similar are definitely Michal's work.

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There was high water, since it had been raining all week. It didn't stop us, but there was a mudslide that we got caught in.

On top of Mountain number 2, Rabenkopf.

Mountain 3

At Kochelsee.


The "Selbstbedienungshutte" where we were given a beer.

View from Zugspitze.

Peak of Zugspitze

The Team


The side of Ireland you don't see too often:
"Joyriders" by Ross McDonnell
An excellent exhibition on society, youth, anarchist tendencies, and destruction. All of the photographs are in black and white and each seem to have a individual story behind it. Very intriguing work by Ross.

If you liked the sound go here or check out videos by Cédric Blaisbois.


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