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So I am going to put up some links and images of some artists I like. I am going through the pictures that I took during my hike up the tallest mountain (among other mountains) in Germany, die Zugspitze. Here are some links for your Wednesday/Thursday hot chocolate.

First, here is a representation of photographs taken in major cities across the globe that are big tourist areas. It's interesting to look at if you are interested in statistics. I will also point to a recent post on Language Log about friends on Facebook, to continue this statistical angle. It talks about dialects and friendship areas according to the information provided by many people on Facebook.

Representation of photographs at key tourist areas comparing locals with tourists.

Language Log - Dialects, Friends, and Facebook

From - Photography

The Dead Photos


Amazing music video by FM Belfast called "Underwear" directed by Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert


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