Not My Style Series (1)

Alright, so I am going to sink my teeth into some fashion. Since my style mainly revolves around plaid/flannel (tartan) and that is what most people see me as (read: lumberjack), I thought I would dig into the depths of other peoples' fashion. I have described myself as a person who has more plaid than a Scottish pipe band. I'm not going to change, since it will never become dowdy.

I visit a site called (a lookbook is "a collection of photographs compiled to show off a model, a photographer, a style, or a clothing line), which is an invite only site. I'm not a member, but once one is, one can post one's own look and people "hype" it (like "thumbs up" or digg).

Anyway, I'm going to highlight some styles I like every so often. The way they dress, is their style, so technically not my style and that is what the series is called - Not My Style (NMS). (get it? Oh my, I'm so clever!) Uh, anyway (again), here we go... hope you enjoy. (Also, the photography plays an important role in the presentation of the outfits; so as a photography lover, I am biased... piss off)

Blake Jacobsen
Why not start off with a little plaid, eh? This guy does a pretty good job of representing the plaid group, as can be seen in the two looks he's got here.

He woke up from dreaming

Those two eyes, which starlike sparkle in their skies.

I like the second more than the first, but I do admit I like the bandanna touch in the first. Although in the second picture, the colours of the photograph are slightly diluted, making it difficult to see exactly how it would actually look, it seems good. The shoes in both (same ones) are pretty cool high-tops made of leather, so that gets a plus.

His Flickr

Vic Hollo
Cool rockstar look, mang. Photograph is classy too - fire hydrants are always cool. Shoes also represent. Nothing much to say other than the rockstar look can be dandy ("tubular" for people who don't understand that) or god awful. Luckily this is on the good side of the spectrum.

hold me closer, tiny dancer.

Her Flickr

Dandy Maxim
Bamf style - moccasins matching the bag and shirt. Goes well with the jacket and makes him look like a [wealthy] student freelancer (i.e. camera and watch). This Parisian knows his stuff. It's chill and brings me back to the skateboarding days when we used to dress comfortably.

Tour Eiffel

His Site

Jane E. Valentine
Who said you can't mix brown and black? Although described as "#c69c7b" on the site, I believe it is a little darker than that, though doesn't clash with the black, at least in my eyes. The three colours (yes, I'm calling them all colours, buzz off) go well together, plus the dress style is looking good to begin with.

this american life...

Her Flickr


Alright, well I'm not good at describing clothes, but I'm better at it than describing wine. Hope you enjoyed, and I'll get better as we go. I don't want to write too much about each look, so I kept it short. I plan on working on my own  art during my travels, so there will be less updates - i.e. no computer or internet.


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