So more about the One Sentence Project - a little synopsis about it. Maybe more of a Frequently Asked Questions thing.

What is it?
A project that I have started, which asks you to describe yourself in one sentence. There are no specifications about how the sentence should be constructed, what exactly should be included within this sentence, etc. You can read what the survey asks here, or just go to the survey.

What will you do with the answers/results?
I plan to present them in an anonymous fashion - most likely in an installation of some sort. The exact way of presentation is still being played over in my mind, but I've had some ideas. The one quality that it has to have is that it has to be interactive with the viewers; so anyone who enters the piece's space must (if they decide to) interact with the project to get the reaction that I want.

It's an exploration of anonymity, of on-the-spot decision-making, into one's view of self and others, and of simplicity. There are many things one can look into, and of course it's not a scientific survey, so there are many un/non-controlled elements.

More questions and answers to come.

Examples of responses:
  • "For the longest time, I thought everyone, deep down, wanted to change the world and had a conscience.
  • "It has been a very long time since I've had a concept of home."
  • "meine gedanken sind wilde vögel."
  • "It's a miracle I'm alive."
  • "Views everything in grey."
  • "I exist."
  • "I feel as if I'm living the movie "Weekend at Bernie's" from Bernie's perspective."
  • "Ég er bahá'íi, ég elska Guð og menn og þrái aðeins að þjóna mannkyni."


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