AA Meeting : Mark Jenkins

So, I said I would talk about artists that I like, so here's the first instalment with Mark Jenkins as part of the AA "segment" (Artist Attention). I hope to also spotlight a lot of not-well-known artists; Mark Jenkins is known well enough, because of how much some of the works can stick out (just check em out now).

Mark Jenkins is an artist from Virginia who mostly does installation artworks throughout cities yet also within natural habitats. Using box seal tape (sellotape that is see-through and about six centimetres wide) he creates objects - some life-size and some surreal - that he installs in different places throughout the city of choice. He films the reactions of passers and has uploaded some to the Internet for others to view. His website for the tape sculptures explains how to do the sculptures and he also has workshops to attend.

His main site is here.

Often, his creations have people putting their heads into walls, figures located in strange places (like on street signs) and babies. He also has some that are partially underwater. He also has some that are dressed in hoodies (jumpers with hoods...) and long pants sitting on the street - the reactions of some parents pulling their children away is interesting to view.

Go to his website to get view more pictures and get creative by making your own. He can be an inspiration for installation art and other forms "illegal" art. I will try to do this whilst I am in Munich/Burghausen.


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